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    Electric Fields - Nina.

    A tribute honouring Nina Simone (based on interview answers she gave after a concert):
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    Nina: A Story of Nina Simone - virtual book launch

    Bought the book today (Dutch translation); love it!
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    Nina Simone on shock.

    Nicely done, this: And also this:
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    Nina Simone talks about Jacques Brel (1988).

    Great Interview!
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    Nina Simone in Germany 1989.

    In Europe this concert is also available on cd (Immortal IMA 105048) and DVD (Immortal IMA 940439).
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    Janis and Nina.

    And here is the song:
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    Janis and Nina.

    Halfway this interview (15.45) Janis Ian talks about the song “Nina” on her new cd:
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    Drury Lane, London 1977.

    Probably a bootleg recording, but……this concert (audio only) is great; especially “Pirate Jenny”!!!
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    Nederlands Blazers Ensemble.

    (The voice of) Nina Simone with “Het Nederlands Blazersensemble” at The New Years Concert. Nicely done this:
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    Incredible interpretation of Nina Simone’s classic Blackbird by Lady Blackbird:
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    The story of Nina Simone.
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    Live in Germany 1970!

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    Nina, Liefziek
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    Fast Food.

    Nina Simone as The Space Dragon in Pete Townsend’s musical “The Iron Man”:
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    Last recording (I think).
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    Hey Aaron, it was October 1992. It was a great concert. I also saw Betty Carter and Fats Domino. I was with a friend and we had VIP tickets. Thank you for the foto’s!
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    olympia, the whole concert..

    Olympia, the whole concert…..and it’s great!!!