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    Frédéric Adrian biography launch

    I hope there comes an English (or Dutch) translation of this book, cause I want to read it. I can’t read French……
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    Nina Simone live in Poland 1997

    Great concert and she looks marvelous!
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    Summer of Soul - TOMORROW!

    Nina Simone’s performance at The Harlem Festival 1969 is also on the 2-side disc (cd + dvd) “The soul of Nina Simone” (RCA/Legacy 82876 71973 2).
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    French tribute concert

    A great cover from a French Tribute concert: The concert (Autour de Nina) is on YouTube.
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    And I also listen to…..

    Esther Phillips; Patti Smith; Esther Ofarim; Judy Collins; Tom Waits; Björk; Mariza; Concha Buika; Odetta; Judy Collins; Melanie Safka; Billie Holiday; Joni Michell….
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    Favorite Nina Simone songs.

    Dambala; Obeah woman; 22nd century ; My father (we played this song at my fathers funeral); Who knows where the time goes; Isn’t it a pity……
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    Hi, I’m Jacq and I live in Hoorn (Holland). I’ve seen Nina 5 times in concert in Holland. Once after a concert (Jazz Mecca in Maastricht) I even shook her hand (hope that is proper English…..). Once I was member of another older Nina Simone -forum.