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  1. aaron

    Mississippi Goddam: The Story Behind The Anthem

    A mini-documentary has been produced in recognition of the 60th anniversary of "Mississippi Goddam" Check it out:
  2. aaron

    Last US concert tour

    I believe you're referring to Nina's concert at the Mountain Winery on July 7th, 2001 in Saratoga, CA
  3. aaron

    Blackbird - The Colpix Recordings (1959-1963)

    You can now preorder this first-ever luxury 8CD box set of expanded editions of the critically-acclaimed and treasured albums that Nina recorded for Colpix Records from 1959 to 1963, which formed the very foundation for the global reach she achieved as a peerless and influential artist over the...
  4. aaron

    Clio Award - Mississippi Goddam

    Verve Records is honored to receive a 2024 Clio Award for the video for Nina's “Mississippi Goddam (Live at Newport 1966)” Inspired by the graphic diversity of protest signs from the civil rights movement to Black Lives Matter, "Mississippi Goddam" was animated by Paris-based director and...
  5. aaron

    Full concert in Antibes - July 24th 1965

    Video of Nina's full performance in Antibes on 7/24/1965 is now available here:
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    Nina received incredible numbers on Spotify in 2023!
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    Win a copy of the new 7-LP box set "Four Women: The Nina Simone Complete Recordings 1964-1967"

    Enter to win a copy of the 7-LP box set "Four Women: The =AZWHcfhTijjSLUUEDWK6FBY0dI3K2F4LVG7ogPdwOjCDMxhWTcab4eZANSgVyOjm7y58_IsCD2mtQJt66sVhszp3QG7uoGy5M54K6EvQSRtGMUA2o2K03OFdj-4wCvc0nVA&__tn__=-]K-R']Nina Simone Complete Recordings 1964-1967"
  8. aaron

    Possible first exposure

    I'm not aware of Nina performing in Akron during this period but I will do some further research and follow up!
  9. aaron

    Seeking Theatrical Rights to use video and sound of Nina Simone's "Mississippi Goddamn" live at the Antibes Jazz Festival July 1965

    Hi Nicole, Just saw your email and forwarded it to the correct people at the Estate. They should be in touch with you.
  10. aaron

    Save Me Live in Antibes 1969

    There's video of this performance here: I believe INA holds the rights to the video recording. You can email me at aaron[@] and I can try and put you in touch with the right people.
  11. aaron

    Four Women - The Nina Simone Complete Recordings 1964-1967

    Originally made available on CD in 2003, now being released on vinyl 20 years later! FOUR WOMEN: THE NINA SIMONE COMPLETE RECORDINGS 1964–1967 brings together in their entirety all seven albums Nina Simone recorded for the Philips label during the most significant period of her long and...
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    As Twitter makes its way slowly down the drain, we're always on the lookout for up and coming social media networks and a new Twitter alternative that has shown promise is Spoutible. You can find the official Nina Simone Spoutible account here:
  13. aaron

    David Nathan Substack on Nina Simone

    David Nathan (the British Ambassador of Soul and founder of the Nina Simone Appreciation Society in the 1960s) has started a Substack and one of his first articles is about Nina:
  14. aaron

    Bronze by Paul Barton

    Have some great news! I was able to obtain this bronze bust of Nina by artist Paul Barton. I first came across it several years ago and have been trying since then to inquire about purchasing it but couldn't get in touch with Paul. Was finally able to reach him via a third party and bought it...
  15. aaron

    Desert Island Discs

    Nina Simone is first black person to be Desert Island Discs’ most selected artist of year Read:
  16. aaron

    Nina Simone; Artificial Intelligence.

    Interesting..... AI is definitely getting out of control :oops: Most of the AI generated images I've seen of Nina looking nothing like her at all, but there have been a couple that look more like her that I've seen recently:
  17. aaron

    When Marla Glen Lived With Nina Simone

  18. aaron

    Nina, Liefziek - Zomerspoor Festival

    Some photos from “Nina, liefziek” in Herentals, provided by Roger Nupie (Photos by Ines Mertens) singer Patricia Van Nunen:
  19. aaron

    Nina, Liefziek - Zomerspoor Festival

    “Nina, Liefziek”, the Belgian theater production about Nina Simone's love life, will be performed again at the Zomerspoor Festival in Herentals. Free entry, info here: One day Roger Nupie wrote a letter to his idol #ninasimone. He went to...
  20. aaron

    Mount Vernon NY commemorative street naming

    Nina's brother, Sam Waymon, attends the ceremony and shows off the new street sign.